Work in UK


A Skilled Worker visa permits you to stay in the UK and apply for an appropriate job with an approved and authorized employer.

The minimum requirement to qualify is as below:
  • Work for an employer in the UK who have been authorized by the Home Office
  • Have a ‘certificate of sponsorship’ from your employer with information about the role you’ve been offered within the UK
  • Work in an eligible occupation
  • Be paid a minimum salary - The amount depends on the sort of job you are doing.
  • The exact eligibility depends on your job.
  • You are required to have a confirmed job offer before you apply for your visa.
  • You must be proficient in speaking, reading, writing, and understanding English. You’ll get to prove your knowledge of English once you apply.

Your partner and children

Your spouse and children can apply to stay in the UK as your ‘dependants’ if they’re eligible. If their application is approved, their visa will end on the same date as yours.
This visa category permits an individual to live in the UK and work in an eligible job position at his present employer’s branch in the UK.

Intra-company Transfer visa - You are eligible to apply for the Intra-company transfer visa if you’re being transferred by your existing employer to a position in the UK. You need to be working for your existing employer for at least 12 months. This condition may be waived if the employer is willing to pay you £73,900 a year to get employed in the organization at the UK branch.
This visa is designed for the transfer of an individual to the UK as a part of a graduate training program for a managerial or authoritative role. You’ll get to have worked for your employer overseas for a minimum of 3 months immediately before the date you apply.

To be eligible for an Intra-company visa, you must:  
  • Be a current or existing employee of an organization that’s been approved by the Home Office as a sponsor
  • Ask for a ‘certificate of sponsorship’ from your employer with mentioning everything about the role you’ve been offered in the country
  • Go for the employment that’s on the list of eligible occupations
  • Be paid a minimum of £41,500 for an Intra-company Transfer visa or at least £23,000 for an Intra-company Graduate Trainee visa
  • Have specific eligibility requirements as per your job.
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