Visit Australia


This visa stream allows you to visit Australia as a tourist, travel on a cruise, or meet family and friends. You would possibly be granted a stay of 3, 6, or 9 months in Australia.

The Visitor Visa 600 is critical for those tourists who qualify for the essentials which are stated underneath:

A. Sponsored Family Visa- The visa is applicable for families that can be sponsored by their relatives living in Australia. Destination Visa: This is often applicable for the one who travels the country which is sponsored by the travel agencies.

B. Tourist Visa - The Tourist Visa 600 is relevant to those who want to travel around the country for a specified time alongside their family and friends and possess the necessary funds to cover their expenses while they stay in Australia.

C. Business Visa- The 600 Visa permits you to go to Australia for business-related purposes and allows visiting business-related places.

As a business visitor, you can:
  • Make general business or employment inquiries
  • Enter into or review a business contract
  • Conduct activities, meetings, seminars as part of an official government visit
  • Take part in a conference, trade fair, or seminar after ensuring that you won't be paid by the organizers to take part
  • To undertake tourist activitiesYou must meet health, character, and financial requirements when applying for this visa.
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