Investor Visa


If you have around NZD10 million to invest in a New Zealand country over 3 years, you can apply for New Zealand residence. You are required to stay for at least 44 days in each year or the last two years of your three-year investment period in New Zealand, or for 88 days at any time during the same three-year investment period if you have invested a minimum of NZ $2.5 million in growth investments. If your family is included in your resident visa, they’ll need to come to New Zealand within 12 months of their visa being granted.

Experienced business people that have a minimum of NZD 3 million in available funds or assets are eligible to apply for New Zealand residency. Before you apply, you'll initially be asked to send an Expression of Interest stating your business experience and investment. If your Expression of Interest is successful, you receive an ITA to apply for New Zealand residents.

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